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Teltonika FMB122

Small compact unit for remote monitoring of practically any equipment.

FMB122 is a unit, which is installed „out of sight“. Small dimensions of the controller and external GPS aerial enable to find always suitable installation site for the unit, so that it would not be easily detectable, but would operate flawlessly.

When CAN adapter is added, the unit can read revolutions of the engine and the amount of fuel in the tank. This enables the user to detect refuelling and get reports about fuel consumption also in passenger cars and vans.

Fuel level sensor, thermometer and ID key can also be connected to the unit.

The user can use the unit for measuring temperature of the environment, fuel monitoring in single-tank vehicles, identification of drivers and working time accounting.

Usage possibilities

  • Positioning in real time
  • Connection of ignition signal into input of the device or detection of ignition based on the on-board voltage of the vehicle
  • Alarm in case of supply voltage interruption
  • Fencing and geoalarms
  • Identification of drivers
  • Fuel monitoring with a single level sensor
  • Measurement of ambient temperature
  • Option of reading CAN data with additional module


Dimensions66 x 60 x 14 mm
GSM:Built-in GSM antenna
GPS:External GPS antenna
Inputs:2 digital, 2 analog inputs, 1 wire
Outputs:2 outputs
Battery:Li-Polymer 150mAh
Voltage:10V – 30V
Updating: Firmware flashing and configuration updating over the air

FMB122 Accessories

Thermometer TTJ101

When it is necessary to monitor temperature of the environment or to receive an alarm, when the measured temperature reaches limit value.

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Fuel level sensor DLS

Autonomous level sensor ensures much more accurate measurement of fuel than a system based on CAN data readings.

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Adapter ALLCAN300 enables reading of various CAN data from on-board computer of different types of vehicles.

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Adapter LV-CAN200 is intended for reading CAN data directly from the brain of passenger cars and vans.

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RFID, iButton, reader

Accessory set including one or several chips and their reader. Both iButton as well as RFID provide option for identification of drivers. The first operates with touch contact, the second is contact-free.

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