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GPS devices and applications

ATrack, Queclink, Ruptela and Teltonika are major equipment manufacturers. We know well the possibilities of their equipment and use them daily in our solutions. However, for more than 15 years we have designed and manufactured GPS equipment and their accessories ourselves as well, in order to enable special solutions and fast customer support in more flexible and operative way, and to ensure smooth and problem-free operation.

Depending on the specific area of application, various products have different advantages. We are technically competent, and we can read „between the lines“. Based on the request of the client, we can offer optimum solutions with good prospects.

Overview of our main equipment and their usage possibilities is provided below. However, the best overview would be undoubtedly provided by our sales staff, who can answer any potentially arising questions and is competent to think, how to meet your objectives.

Pozicionēšana reālajā laikā
Teltonika FMB630

The most popular option is downloading of data from digital tachograph. The user needs only to set the period, and afterwards the further downloading process will take place automatically. Each download is registered in the unit.

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Teltonika FM1122

FM1122 is a unit, which is installed „out of sight“. Small dimensions of the controller and external GPS aerial enable to find always suitable installation site for the unit, so that it would not be easily detectable, but would operate flawlessly.

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Teltonika FM1010

The major advantage of such units is simplicity of installation. Anyone can plug the unit into a socket and thus there is no need for additional costs related to installation or dismantling.

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Queclink GL300

Waterproof, compact unit mainly for remote monitoring of persons. Equipped with an emergency button and intended for making your location visible to others.

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Queclink GMT200

Small, economical, waterproof, sensitive unit. Intended for monitoring the objects, where room for installing the unit is practically lacking, or which battery has small capacity.

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Queclink GL505

Positioning unit for outdoor use. No power consumption in economy mode. Intended for monitoring the objects, where main power supply source is lacking or its connection is impossible for any reason.

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Software of the unit can be flexibly adjusted. Various special solutions are available through options, such as registration of up to 8 different thermometer readings, registration of meter readings, indication of operating status of the vehicle, reading data from third systems etc.

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