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A work order citing a specific location and guidance is the first thing with any job. Only after it is in place can we start considering job performance and operational speed. Metrotec’s job management application links up the driver, the logistician, the customer and, where this is needed, also the accounting software.

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What are the benefits of GPS tracking?

The availability of up-to-date and precise information is a prerequisite for good management. Old- school types find that to determine the location of a person or a vehicle, you can simply call them.

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Monitoring service hours, GPS tracking of heavy equipment

With a heavy equipment fleet, the two largest expense items are fuel costs and depreciation due to wear and tear of the equipment. How can these expenses be kept in check most effectively? But of course, the best answer can be found in GPS tracking. Its uses can be much wider-reaching and varied than mere checking whether a vehicle’s engine is currently running or turned off. Unobtrusively and subtly, GPS tracking keeps an eye on the fleet’s main expenses and triggers a notification when and where needed.

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Recording of changes in operating status

It is common sense that measures to improve efficiency should be based on careful measurement and analysis. First, the work or service process should be broken down into a succession of operating statuses. The breakdown, definition and number of statuses will be different in different cases. What is important is the timely recording of the status and of its duration.

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Car sharing

The less a vehicle is used, the more it’s going to cost you. Although this sounds paradoxical, the stark reality of the matter is that standstill generates no profit! A leased car which travels 10,000 km annually costs the company 6,700 euros. Of that amount, 85% constitutes fixed cost and does not depend on the mileage travelled.

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How is the price of GPS tracking solutions determined?

The price of the GPS devices and GPS tracking service is determined by four components: installation of tracking devices, monthly subscription fee for use of the web application and mobile communications, purchase cost of devices, tracking device rental fees.

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Transfer of data from one system to another

This is handled by Webservice which is a piece of software intended to link up different applications or systems. Webservice comes into play when data gathered by different applications need to be exchanged or when data gathered by one application need to be transferred to another for further post-processing.

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Once you have defined a geofence, you will be notified when your vehicles enter or leave the fenced area. A geofence report shows the time spent by the vehicle in the area and the number of times the vehicle has visited the fenced area. Precise geofence report data can be presented to the customer as part of the report on performed work.

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History of navigation and GPS

Modern GPS navigation has been in use but a couple of decades, yet the art of locating one’s position has a history that long predates the advent of the satellites. Nowadays, even among professional mariners, there are those that no longer understand how to navigate without modern instruments. However, even in this age of GPS-capable smartphones and navigation devices, it may come in handy to remember what to do if you are unable to obtain a signal from the sky or the battery of your pocket device has died.

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Century-old navigation devices guiding the racers at Dakar Rally

While GPS accuracy sufficient for street navigation only became available for civilian use in 2000, first attempts at automotive navigation were made almost already centuries ago. For a long time, the devices used were mechanical, replaced by electronic gadgets in late 20th century. Yet, Estonian bikers at the 2017 Dakar Rally have chosen a “stone-age” contraption to guide them.

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