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Digital level sensor DDLS

The sensor is a metal rod, which measures the level when installed in the fuel tank. Upon installation, the sensor is cut into suitable dimensions so that 2-3 cm gap would remain to the bottom of the tank.

Operating principle is capacity-based – measuring element is a capacitor, which capacity changes proportionally to the height of fluid column. Electronics of the sensor converts capacity into liters, calculates average measuring result and displays it on I2C interface.

Controller reads the result registered by the sensor with one-second period. If decrease of level is detected, the unit will generate an alarm. When calibrated for specific diesel fraction, the sensor measures fuel quantity with inaccuracy of some liters.Up to 3 sensors can be connected to one controller.

Usage possibilities

  • Alarm upon decrease of fuel level
  • Addressability 0.1 liters
  • Can be cut to required dimensions, depending on the depth of tank
  • Can be extended with 0.5 m sections in case of tank depths over 1.5 m


Operating principle:Capacity sensor
Supply voltage:4.2 V
Power consumption:4 mA
Length of measuring element:680, 1000, 1500 mm
Diameter of measuring element:20 mm
Height / diameter of flange:32 mm / 70 mm
Permissible temperature range:-40°C ... +75°C
Protection class:IP68
Operating mode:Pidev
Addressability:0.5 mm
Data output:I2C
Measurement scale:16 bitti
Measurement period:1 sekund
Averaging period of measuring result:50 sekundit
Fixture of flange on the tank:5 isepuurivat kruvi
Cable length:8 m
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