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FMI adapter

Navigation terminal establishes bilateral data communication with map support between the driver and the office. Messages transmitted from the office are displayed on the display of Garmin and the driver can enter messages for the office on display. FMI adapter between the unit and Garmin makes such connection possible.
Destination marked on the map in the office is transferred to the display of the navigation unit of the driver with a mouse click. The driver accepts the task and navigator directs them to the destination. The office can see destination, distance from destination and expected time of arrival.

Usage possibilities

  • exchange of messages with the driver
  • transfer of destination marked on the map in the office to the display of navigation unit with a mouse click
  • function of distance from destination
  • information messages about connection and disconnection of navigator


Cable length:1 meter
Connection with Garmin:USB mini (M)
Connection with unit:I2C
Power supply:9 - 30V, Garmin supply adapter
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