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A work order citing a specific location and guidance is the first thing with any job. Only after it is in place can we start considering job performance and operational speed. Metrotec’s job management application links up the driver, the logistician, the customer and, where this is needed, also the accounting software. Booked and completed jobs are detailed in a report that makes it easy to invoice deliveries of goods and supplies of services.

Easy to use for drivers

The driver’s view of the application shows the tasks to be performed together with specific locations, routing and instructions required to complete them. To acknowledge the delivery/supply, the driver asks the customer to sign for it electronically. Should the driver encounter any obstacle which makes it impossible to deliver the goods or provide the service, it is also possible for them to add their own photos or comments.

Where this is needed, the logistician can set a specific access route, minimising the time that it takes to find a destination. Since there are different types of customers, there are also several versions of the application with different approaches to job setting, the number of interim waypoints and the resulting report of job completion.


Example: concrete mixing plant operator

A concrete mixing plant operator has its own register of orders, based on which it sells and invoices the concrete that it mixes, transports and pumps. The problem with the system is the number of paper documents involved and the need for manual input of the duration of various operations. To be competitive, an operator needs to precisely account the time spent on transport, pumping and wash-up. The process may also involve subcontractors who must be paid for transport and pumping services. Operations must be speedy, precise and transparent – otherwise time-consuming disputes may arise and mistrust will stifle cooperation. Checks are necessary yet time-consuming and create a lot of nuisance for both parties.

Customers also want to have online access to their order history and order delivery status and are interested in having transparent supply chain processes.

Automatic parallel transmission of orders to Metrotec

Orders for concrete transport and pumping are automatically transmitted to Metrotec. Metrotec software generates a tasking for the driver. Location, route and any required additional information is displayed on driver’s tablet screen. Where needed, the driver can add their own comments concerning pumping or other delivery method or any additives they have mixed into the batch. The application also allows the driver to have the customer sign for the delivery on-screen.

There is no more need for the driver to make handwritten notes of arrival and departure times – this will be taken care of by the application. Among other functions, these times are automatically forwarded to the operator’s own system of orders. Completed jobs are reflected in a report that shows specific pumping/delivery durations.

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